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Media Arts Committee

National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS)

Organization, Member Induction, Representation and Participation

Definition and Purpose

  • Media Arts Committee (MAC) is an official committee that represents media arts education within NCCAS

  • MAC will extend membership and organize to represent media arts education nationally and to advance the NMAEI, until a formal association and governance are established (NAMAE).

  • This document describes and facilitates the process to induct new members and representatives into MAC

MAC Function

  • MAC will represent national media arts education as a whole - demographics, regions, community, categories (e.g. all forms, CTE, K12, teaching artists, states)

  • MAC is made up of media arts educators and a community of support

  • MAC initiated and will oversee the implementation of the NMAEI

  • MAC is a placeholder for a professional association of media arts educators, which may become a 501c3 - National Association for Media Arts Education (NAMAE)

Current MAC Membership

  • MAC currently has two Co-Chairs (Pam Paulson, Dain Olsen), appointed to officially represent Media Arts in NCCAS

  • Current members (Reps) include: Robb Bomboy (PA), David Dik (Young Audiences), Lakita Edwards (NEA), Joyce Huser (KS, SEADAE), Dennis Inhulsen (NAEA), Barbara Liedahl (MD), Dain Olsen (CA, NCCAS), Pam Paulson (MN, NCCAS), Brandon Roeder (NC, SEADAE)


  • Members - Have undergone the Induction Process, described below

  • Reps - Are members with voting status that represent 3+ people: e.g. group, committee, area, organization, state

  • Current members above are grandfathered into MAC, with representative status


  • Members - Reps and Members may attend; all may speak freely

  • Reps-Open - Reps and Members may attend. Only Reps may speak freely. Members are invited to speak.

  • Reps - Only Reps attend

Induction Process

  1. Read the NMAEI Statement and FAQ at

  1. Sign-On in Support of the NMAEI at

  2. Answer Media Arts Educator Survey (if applicable)

  3. After completing the above, sign your agreement on the MAC Norms and Commitments Form (below)

MAC Norms and Commitments Form

  • Norms (Adaptive Schools)

  • Commitments

    • Reps and Members

      • Collaboratively contribute to the work of the NMAEI

      • Abide by the Norms and Rules of MAC

    • Reps

      • Represent local organization/group to advance the NMAEI

      • Attend all Reps and Reps-Open meetings; approx 1x month (provide 24 hours notice of absence)

      • Inform/survey local constituents and update MAC in timely manner

      • Verify Rep status - Share local voting process and record with MAC

      • Representation is determined and changed locally and verified by MAC

      • Collaborate flexibly with updates in representation (e.g. small groups to larger region or state)

    • Volunteers

      • Defined tasks owned by that volunteer are expected to be accomplished within the determined time, or provide ample notice to the team lead

      • Volunteers are expected to clearly define the terms of their involvement (time, availability, ability) and to pre-inform the team of their pending hiatus or exit.