We are the National Association for Media Arts Education (NAMAE). Our purpose is to advance media arts education; promote standards of excellence in media arts education; provide the media arts student, educator and community of stakeholders a system of resources and support through advocacy, research, programs, and projects that focus on the importance of media arts in the human experience.

President, CEO - Dain Olsen (CA)

Vice President - Nelle Stokes (NY)

Secretary / Treasurer - Barbara Liedahl (MD)

Board of Directors

Glenna Avila (CA)

Robb Bomboy (PA)

Dr. Tequila Kurth (WI)

Betty Lee (CA)

Lori Sokolowski (CA)

Lekia Thorpe (NC)

Board Advisor: Joyce Huser (KS, SEADAE)


Arts Ed Data Project - Does your state track arts ed enrollments by course code?  Many states do. Check your state here. You can even zero into schools and see if media arts is offered.

National Media Arts Standards Map (2019) - Showing state by state adoption. 32? states have adopted or adapted national media arts standards

CA Proposed Media Arts Legislation Brief (2023) - submitted to CA Congressional Joint Committee on the Arts. Currently under review (2-19) Comments welcome!

CONTACT - mediaartsedu01@gmail.com

National Association for Media Arts Education (NAMAE)


TWITTER - @mediaartsed