We are the National Media Arts Committee (NMAC) for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards. Due to the lack of a professional media arts association, NCCAS formed MAC to oversee the writing of the 2014 standards. Comprised of arts educators and community supporters representing various related backgrounds and organizations, MAC has continued and expanded its efforts to serve MAE since publication of the standards. MAC is a placeholder until a formal professional media arts association is founded. MAC is now accepting members and representatives of regional collectives of media arts educators and partnering arts, community and educational organizations.

CHAIR - Dain Olsen (CA)


Barbara Liedahl (MD)

Joyce Huser (KS, SEADAE)

Robb Bomboy (PA)

David Dik (YA, NCAS)

Helen Buck-Pavlick (OH DoE)

Dr. Martin Rayala (Enso)

Lori Sokolowski (CA)

Glenna Avila (CA)

Maria Madril Hernandez (CA)

Betty Lee (CA)

Dr. Tequila Kurth (WI)

Grace Nichols-Ali (NAEA) 


Danyel Burgett (DE)

Mick Corman (PA)

Godlove Kobe (MD)

Robert Tozier (PA)

Christina Muraczewski (CA)

Justin Pierce (NC)

Jill Rinaldi (CA)

Lisa Ridgway (OR)

Jessica Roberts (TN)

Stephanie Schick (WI)

Benjamin Myers (OH)


Arts Ed Data Project - Does your state track arts ed enrollments by course code?  Many states do. Check your state here. You can even zero into schools and see if media arts is offered.

National Media Arts Standards Map (2019) - Showing state by state adoption. 32? states have adopted or adapted national media arts standards

CA Proposed Media Arts Legislation Brief (2023) - submitted to CA Congressional Joint Committee on the Arts. Currently under review (2-19) Comments welcome!


Media Arts Committee, NCAS


TWITTER - @mediaartsed