June 1, 2022

We have sign-ons and surveys from many different states! I just talked to a beginning teacher in Hawaii, and she is enthusiastic to assist in her area! We are beginning to see some results of our connecting network! People are forming small groups to at least discuss the topic of MAE in CA, OR, NE, MD, and PA! If I get a group of educators from one area or region, and they have stated their interest in connecting, I'll introduce them in a group email. The initial conversation could be something like, "What do we have in common? What makes media arts unique, exciting and beneficial for students? What are our needs, goals and dreams? What is the ultimate promise of this subject area for learning and education? What would be our dream convention?"

Other updates:

Media Arts Committee has non-profit status under the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards and our fiscal sponsor, Young Audiences. We can begin to fundraise and consider what we want to accomplish. Organizing for this dream convention, possibly in the next school year, will provide us an inspiring, concrete way to begin thinking about the answers to these questions and beginning to meet and organize. I think that once the idea of MAE establishment and a professional association is really considered, this movement will gain momentum and a growing network.

PA - The Media Arts Coalition of Educators with a network of about 200 teachers and strong leadership is going to be revived from a pandemic hiatus. They had convened several times before the pandemic, and so provide solid ground to build on.

MD - Prince George's County, has a media arts specialist position, 102 media arts teachers, and several distinct courses. They are considering forming an association, possibly under their state visual arts association.

CA - LAUSD has 120-150 media arts teachers, with probably 100's more across the state. But it will be difficult to reach out to them because there is no solid means of finding them! This will be an ongoing challenge. LAUSD teachers have had one small meeting, with another to come soon. 99% of 60 teachers who answered the survey stated they would join a media arts educator association. That percentage holds with this website's survey.

Media Arts Committee is beginning to consider how MAE relates to and interrelates with existing arts associations - NAEA, NDEO, etc. We need input from media arts educators on this sort of statement. All the more reason for regional collectives to organize and provide their input.

May 6, 2022

We are continuing to make efforts to reach out to educators across the U.S. You can now see who has signed-on to support on that page. We are considering different ways to find media arts teachers and invite them into our community. For example, we are looking at social media groups and beginning to post there; downloading principal email lists and contacting them to relay a message to teachers. We are considering organizing for a future event or convention where we can share and learn from one another. Please join us!

March 23, 2022

We are just beginning to organize this effort to establish media arts education across the U.S.

Our first steps are to begin connecting with and organizing media arts educators across the U.S., finding out about their situations, informing them of the emergence of media arts education, and gauging their interest in forming a professional association. Please sign-on in support AND take the Educator's Survey. This is how we move forward!

Stay tuned for developments as they occur. Sign-on if you wish to receive email updates on our progress.

Thanks for your interest and support!