Move State Towards Legislation 

This is our ultimate goal! We want every state to establish media arts education as an official subject area, including Ed Code, Credential, Standards, Course Codes, Post-Secondary Teacher Training and any other support structures. 

 Of course, this is a huge job, and can take months and possibly years of work. We are here to support and advise you, but know what you are getting into!

Research - Know the state of media arts in your state. Request info from us. Ask for someone who knows, probably an arts education administrator in your local district, or in your state department of education. 

Strategize - If you state doesn't have media arts standards, you may want to start there as a first step. It's limited, has little cost, and could interest a group of media arts educators. If your state has standards, inquire as to whether there is a media arts licensure.  If not, what does is required to initiate one?

Network - You need as much help as you can get! Find others who agree with you. Develop your pitch. Use our examples. Contact any and all  teachers, admins, parents, organizations, businesses, colleges who may support this.  Continue communicating with them as you build your coalition. 

Approach Legislators -  Start with your local assembly member and state senator. You may need to contact a policy analyst who would cover arts and/or education. Pitch media arts education to them. See if they support. If not, why? Future employment, STEAM, or creative and 21st workforce preparedness may be a strong argument.

Propose Legislation - Adapt our model proposal. 

You need to get a legislator or an organization to sponsor your bill.  They will bring the proposal to the proper committee (e.g. education, arts) who would produce the bill and begin advocating for it within their networks.  Once it is sponsored and in committee, it begins going through a process of refinements and approvals, before it reaches the formal bill voting process. 

Keep your supporters in touch with this process. They need to be ready to contact their local legislators when it comes to the floor. 

Support at key moments. Your bill is sure to pass! Everyone loves media arts!